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Put this in your smoothie to protect your smile

April 11th, 2018 by admin

protect your smile - Kale Banana SmoothieSmoothies packed with fresh veggies and fruit have gone viral.   They can have excellent health benefits and a quick and easy way to load up on essential vitamins and minerals. However, while all of that green might be great for your insides, it can also be an express ticket to dull, stained teeth.

Put this in your smoothie to protect your smile

Help keep your smile bright and beautiful outside while you keep them healthy on the inside by following these simple tips to protect your smile:

Slurp your smoothie with a straw.  The less time highly pigmented (we mean colorful) foods spend on the surfaces of your teeth, the less time they have to stain them.  Using a straw can help minimize contact time with your teeth… more


Stay away from carbon Coco call us for awesome alternative “opalescence go” Kale in your smoothie is a great idea!!!

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